Clove - Uses and Health Benefits of Cloves 

You would find the clove tree to be a medium sized evergreen tree that raises itself to a height of about 10-12 meters roughly. The clove flower bud is a dry, unopened flower bud which has a lot of medical importance in our lives. It is a spice that has got protein, carbohydrates, essential volatile oils, non-volatile other fat extracts, moisture and crude fiber. Also it has got minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamin A and C, and as that cannot be solvent in hydrochloric acid. It is known in botany as Syzgium aromaticum and its Indian name is laung.

Health Benefits of Cloves 

There are quite a few different health benefits of clove. You can use clove to treat diseases like cholera. Taking about 4 gms of cloves and boiling it in about 3 liters of water till it has reduced to half should be taken by the cholera infected person in regular intervals to stop cholera from happening. Also, having a clove with a little bit of common salt can relieve the throat of any irritation and it aids with cough and cold. It also reduces expectoration and lessens pharyngitis. Chewing up a clove, slightly burnt, can be a good way to stop cough and throat problems, not to mention pharyngitis. The digestive functions of your body would be boosted and it would help with the flow of enzymes. You can also use them to reduce cases of gastric problems and dyspepsia. Fried cloves when powdered and mixed with honey can effectively reduce vomiting and it can numb the stomach and the gullet to stop any kind of vomiting. A few drops of the oil of clove together with some honey and a little clove of garlic can effectively stop spasmodic coughs in cases of bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis. You should have it before going to sleep. 

Cloves are a good remedy of asthma, and you should make a concoction of 30 ml water with 6 cloves and mix it with honey and consume it three times everyday. Cloves are also used to relieve pain during toothache. They also lessen infection during decaying teeth and stops toothache. After frying a clove in a teaspoon of sesame oil, the warm oil can then be used in limited amounts (about 3-5 drops of it) to cure earache. It is also possibly one of the best ways to cure inflammation around your eyelashes, called styes. Rubbed in waater, a clove stub can then be applied over the stye to induce pain relief.  

Also cloves help with muscle cramps and relieve the body off it when a poultice is applied near the areas affected. Clove and salt pasted together with milk can cure headaches. Salt can decrease tension and absorb fluid.

Uses of Cloves 

generally cloves are taken as a spice and it is powdered together with cinnamon, chillies, turmeric and such other spices to make curry powder. You can also use clove oil to make soaps, perfumes, bath salts and for flavoring in the world of dentistry and medicine. Also it is used to flavor betel quid.

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